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Chip and Cern Show

Oct 5, 2017

Colorado is having an issues with a runner that won’t stop pooping in front of a family’s home. This female runner has been pooping in one family’s yard for a week straight. Chip and Cern are perplexed by this. As a runner, Chip says he will give her one pass on pooping in public, it is going to happen. 
If this happened to Chip he would take a week off work and sit out front of his house and when the runner comes by then attack, water balloon or whatever to dissuade the mad pooper.
The home owner posted flyers telling the pooper to stop. Cern laughs at this attempt to stop the pooper. 
Chip and Cern do some analysis on the pooper’s outfit. She is wearing some tight fitting running shorts. 
At Chip’s old apartment complex there was a revenge pooper.
Do you tackle this pooper? Spray with the hose like a bad dog? 
As a penis owner, Chip enjoys peeing off his deck, at night. After too many beers, it doesn’t make much sense to walk inside to pee. 
When Chip was running the SF Marathon a few years back, he smelled a horrendous poop smell. At first he thought someone was cutting a gasser, but he looks up and there is a dude running with visible poop juices on his leg hair and down his legs. This was only at mile 11 and there was well over half of the race left to go. 
Cern suggests that she should carry poop bags with her like when you go to walk your dog. Chip suggests she has some poop conditions like IBS or Chrons disease. 
The thing that puzzles Chip is why it is the same house. Because of this fact he thinks that this is a targeted attack. 
In Colorado Springs, the population is 500k, so there is a lot of suspects to go through, but with all the photo evidence she is bound to be caught. 
Chip digs into the shoe choice and suggests doing some detective work at the local running stores. 
Chip and Cern suggest getting on a bike and following her after you catch her in the act. 
Chip is excited to hear the story on why she did this. He will excuse 1 or 2 public poops because it does happens sometimes, but this is a mental disorder he thinks. 
Chip suggests to the Mad Pooper to get up about 30-45 earlier, get that coffee in the system and flush that poop out, speaking from experience. 
If you are the Mad Pooper, email us and we will send you a free hat to wear on your next pooping attack.
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