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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 30, 2023

Taking it back to the vault this week! Since Lent is underway we kicked it back to Cern's lent in 2021, a teacher we had that was obsessed with Joss Wedon and TikTok. Enjoy! 

Mar 23, 2023

We are back live this week. Cern shares his battle with COIVD, we chat through the great baseball that the WBC produced. Chip finally got off Comcast and got himself fiber internet. 

Mar 16, 2023

We are sending it back to the vault this week for warmer weather and a classic Cern Pool Party Recap. Enjoy! 

Mar 9, 2023

Work travel strikes again for Cern so we are kicking it to the vault! Back when we used to get together for golf when the weather was warmer. Enjoy! 

Mar 2, 2023

Great time of year for us! Baseball is back with the start of the spring training and for Cern NCAA basketball is geting spicy with the arrival of March Madness.