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Chip and Cern Show

Sep 24, 2020

Chip and Cern discuss plans for a COVID Halloween. Cern is cutting out the middle person and just buying the candy. Chip doesn’t think he can talk his daughter out of trick or treating. Chip had a very sheltered youth, so he missed out on a lot of movies, and his wife is helping him catch up on these movies that he...

Sep 17, 2020

Chip and Cern were caught a bit off guard by the start of the 2020 NFL Season. Baseball doesn’t feel more than just getting started, but the NFL did kick off this past weekend. Chip and Cern go over all the predictions for this season. All this goodness and more on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show.

Sep 10, 2020


A totally random show which is not unusual for Chip and Cern, but here we are again. Chip’s wife thought she saw a shark at the beach on Labor Day, the majority of California is on fire, and Chip and Cern discuss their love and collections of mustards. All this randomness and more on this episode of the Chip and...

Sep 3, 2020


Chip and Cern find out loads of superfans have names for the respective host fan clubs. Chip got lured back into playing Pokemon Go by an ad he saw on the internet. Chip and Cern discuss video games, upcoming releases, and of course a few WAP references thrown in for good measure. All this and more on this episode...