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Chip and Cern Show

May 5, 2016

Special guest Dana is in studio for this week’s nugget. Cern has already has boycotted ESPN because they have move into TMZ territory. Our favorite unofficial sponsor Fort Point Brewery of San Francisco, CA and we are drinking the award winning KSA Pilsner.
Curt Schilling has finally be hosed by ESPN after an anti-transgendered Facebook post. He was previously suspended for making anti-Muslim tweets comparing Muslims to Nazis. 
North Carolina’s bathroom bill has got Curt all riled up and he shares some anti-transgendered post on Facebook and added some context of his own about penises being only in the men’s restroom. Why can’t he just keep himself off of Facebook or Twitter with these hot topic issues. We can’t go posting crazy shit on social media and expect to get fired from our jobs. 
Tangent: NFL Draft Pick with the bong gas mask missing out on 7 million dollars.
Cern wishes Tony Gywnn could have lived and Schilling kick the bucket. Chip thinks Curt used PEDs during the “bloody sock” era. Schilling has a history of positing crazy shit on Facebook. Chip would be excited at first to be friends with Schilling on FB, but then he would have to unfollow because of all the shit he posts. 
Curt Schilling won’t leave well enough alone. 
Harold Reynolds got hosed from ESPN as well, but now has a gig on MLB Network. The boys don’t see Schilling coming back after this setback. 
Curt Schilling has not learned his lesson.
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