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Chip and Cern Show

Jun 20, 2019

Chip is enjoying his 1st Father’s Day as a Dad of two. Chip, Cern, Joe and Dana all took the day off on Friday to go hit golf. Paradise Valley in Fairfield was the course of choice and everyone loved it. Chip booked the tee times with GolfNow app and they saved a ton of money. If you golf it would be worth your while to check that app out. 
Golf was a blast as usual. Chip jumped off a moving golf cart, whiplashed his head and nearly concussed himself. Cern hit a nasty slice and cracked someone’s tile roof, but only hit a few balls in the drink. 
Joe and Dana hit pretty well and handily beat the Chip and Cern cart. Cern has some more practice to get on with because he has a legit tourney to prepare for. 
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