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Chip and Cern Show

Jul 6, 2017

Nearly halfway through the Fantasy Baseball season and Chip and Cern are providing an update. Already a few beers deep, but enjoying some tall can IPAs. Cern fills everyone in on the standings of the league and Chip and Cern aren’t sitting too pretty. Tony, Joe and Dana are all in the top 5 of the league and Chip and Cern are in the bottom gutter. 
In order to validate the sucky-ness of their teams Chip and Cern go into the various excuses why they are doing so poorly. Chip had MadBum on his squad who in on the 90 day DL with some dirt bike accident. 
Cern used to play in a league where it would require the weeks lineup to be set on Sunday. Sometimes that would really burn you if someone was to hit the DL. 
Chip and Cern discuss their strategy, which prob isn’t valuable to listen to because they both suck. 
Chip and Cern then take a tangent to all the beers they enjoyed before recording this podcast. 
In another tangent turn, California bars and night clubs have the option to stay open until 4am.
This starts the “when we were 21 in New York we drank until 4am” stories. 
Tony’s family invited 21 year old Chip and Cern to go on vacation with them. Nobody can even recall why they thought that was a good idea. 
Cern is telling stories that Chip has no memory of anything.
Chip then throws out a hypothetical of running it back to New York with Chip, Cern, Joe, Dana and Tony. They then get into talking about how big of shit show it would be. The itinerary would be baseball games and getting drunk. 
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