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Chip and Cern Show

Apr 5, 2018

Facebook has been in the news lately and not for good reasons. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal as it is also known. This data firm Cambridge Analytica had illegal access to over 50 million accounts because of Facebook’s lack of governance on their user’s data. Facebook’s stock has taken quite a hit as well. 
Cern hates the people that cover their webcam up and then Chip admitted that he covers his webcam. All during the #DeleteFacebook trending on Twitter (and Facebook ironically) Chip and Cern don’t know anyone who actually deleted their Facebook accounts. 
The data breach feels really dirty because the info wasn’t used to target you for shoes or clothes, but to influence the way you voted in the very polarizing 2016 Presidential Election. 
Cern cleans his browser history, cookies and all that jazz every few months, but not for privacy concerns, but for performance issues. Chip does the same. 
This is going to start kicking off the conspiracy theories that your TV is listening to you and people with the impression that there is someone in the FBI or the government the is listening in on your every conversation that you have. 
Chip’s opinion is that this type of data helps with your day to day life. Amazon Echo is supposedly listening in on every convo you have having. Chip and his wife did a test with the Facebook app open, saying Playstation, but no Facebook ads for Playstations. 
Chip and Cern take an online privacy quiz and they score a D. 
Cern likes the Google location tracking because it really is convenient to have that enhanced experience. 
Cern has started up with a salt water fish tank. He has to do tons of research and finds that when Google remembers his searches and what he has looked at. 
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