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Chip and Cern Show

Dec 20, 2018

Chip and Cern are already off topic talking about “winter ales/beers” that are seasonal around Xmas time. Cern recalls some beer called Snow Cap that Chip and Cern had to choke down because Tony and Dana wouldn’t drink the beer. Chip and Cern get back on track and cover the Christmas lights, decorations, and Chip and Cern compare lighting setups. 
Egg Nog? Yay or nay? Cern says big NAY! Chip doesn’t weigh in.
A few years ago Chip moved up and got a house, in the ‘burbs, so he would have to get a proper Christmas tree. Chip dropped some big bucks, say $400, on a pre-lit Xmas Tree, so he puts the tree up in the first weekend in November. Cern was appalled. 
Cern compares lighting setups to Chip. Several different styles, animals and colors.
Cern shares some stories about his dad getting pissed off about the lights getting ripped off the house because of the bulbs being out.
Chip shares a story from his youth about his mom’s hella extra Xmas decorations and she took it as a challenge from Chip. 
Cern has been begging his wife for a Christmas Dragon, but no dice. 
Chip has always wanted to do an X Rated X-Mas Album with the likes of “I saw mommy blowing Santa Claus”
Chip inquires about Cern’s LED light projector which is a good investment for a 2 story house. 
Chip’s wife says “this is the most dad podcast of all time.”
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