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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 8, 2018

More work weirdness at Chip’s work. There was an email sent out from a very high up person shaming all “DUDES” at Chip’s work for having an accident in the “DUDES BATHROOM.” This email went to the entire company which included the CEO and other high up folks at the company. 
The subject line was “Hey [Company Name] Dudes… Clean up Your Act!” This really started some weirdness at work which put Chip over the edge and he has to investigate. Chip walked in to the bathroom expecting to see a giant pile of poop in the middle of the bathroom floor. 
The reports were that there was some pee on the top of the urinal, on the side of the wall and all over the floor. Chip was very taken back from this because this type of stuff is “par for the course” in men’s restrooms. 
Chip then goes into the best technique for getting one’s penis out to use it at the urinal. Cern agrees and co-signs this technique. Chip then goes into the split stream and how to correct when the piss is off the mark. 
Chip then goes into if it is ok to let the pee sit in the urinal at work to save water from flushing. Cern seems lukewarm on this idea. 
Chip and Cern then discuss pranking random strangers by setting up a sting or sorta and using the urinal with the pants down on the floor and bare ass. This put Chip and Cern in stitches. 
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