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Chip and Cern Show

Sep 22, 2016

Chip and Cern are back with another version of Ask Chip and Cern. These are questions from anyone about anything. Dating, work, life, fantasy baseball or how to shave your ball sack. 
Chip throws out the first question:
  1. Should you shave your balls? 
We have left the answers off the show notes, so if you want to hear them you have to listen!
  1. Do men really reject hot women?
  2. He says he is ashamed to have sex with me (casual relationship), but he is having relationships with other ladies. Help?
  3. Just broke up, but should I go on a planned holiday with him? We broke up a few days ago and the trip is in 3 months. I don’t think the trip is a good idea, should we go through with it?
Chip’s brother once went on a trip with a girl who he knew he was going to break up with later, but still went on the trip. He had some money invested in the trip, so Chip and Cern say no scumbag move here.
  1. Hot man/overweight woman. Should I trust this? I’m overweight and losing weight still and met a nice guy. I wonder if this guy is going after fat chicks because they are the center of attention or something else. Should I trust this?
  2. Best friends with my ex. We started dating last year and have known each other for 3 years. He broke it off because he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. Now that we are best friends and talk a lot I still love him like we used to. Should I continue to still be friends with him and communicate with him? 
Have good recommendations for beer ideas? Send a Tweet to @chipandcernshow and we will give it a shot. 
  1. Cheating or not? Wife of 5 years kissed a friend who just told him he was dying of cancer. 
  2. I need a response to text his guy! Please give me a response to text back ASAP!
  3. What is the difference between “hehe” and “haha”? 
  4. How strange of it is to have a man tell you he hasn’t showered for two days since we hugged because he wanted to keep the scent on him? It was a good bye hug on Friday and on Monday he text to say he hasn’t showered to keep the scent on him.
  5. Dating with coworker. I want to send her this email and tell me what you think. He gave her a Starbucks card and is going to send this email… “In case you forgot your lunch today, I’ll be at Starbucks at noon today if you want to meet."
  6. Bonus question: What do you think about dating a coworker?
  7. Bonus bonus question: Girlfriend has a male friend that pinched her breasts as a joke. The guy is married with a wife and is this ok?
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They are drinking St. Archer out of San Diego, CA. They are enjoying the White Ale which Chip isn’t a big fan, and neither is Cern. Chip and Cern then grovel at the feet of St. Archer. 
That was the 2nd Ask Chip and Cern segment. Again if you have questions post them on Facebook, Twitter or email. If you don’t want any names mentioned we can respect that. 
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