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Chip and Cern Show

May 25, 2017

Alex Rodriguez made his broadcast booth debut at the Yankees and Royals game and came prepared with some notes in a ruled notebook. Chip and Cern dig into some notes that are visible via a Tweet from the official Fox Sports Net Twitter account. A-Rod fails to write in between the lines or have any regard for anything on the paper. There are some curious notes on there that reads:
  • Birth control
  • Baby
  • Pull out stuff
Chip and Cern are really scratching their heads over this one from A-Rod. Chip shoots out the theory that one of A-Rod’s kids are about to get the sex talk and A-Rod is gonna school them on his wise ways of the #pulloutstuff.
Cern suggests that it might be A-Rod’s mantra that he uses to gain focus before some big events. 
Chip and Cern dig into when is the right age to start bringing up the sex talk to kids. That evidence, along with Chip’s “sex talk” theory really seems to be the correct answer here. 
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