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Chip and Cern Show

Dec 21, 2017

Cern’s wife joins the Chip and Cern Show for the Christmas Show. Cern’s neighborhood is flush with Christmas directions and the Cerney’s put their Christmas stuff up the day after Thanksgiving as is a tradition for their family. Chip’s family puts the Christmas stuff up a few days before Thanksgiving because they usually host on Thanksgiving and Chip likes the ambiance of the Christmas situation. 
Cern’s wife is frustrated when Cern tries to spend too much money on Christmas lights. Special led tree lights that would have cost “one thousand dollars” according to Cern’s wife. Cern’s outdoors landscape is fully lit including balls on trees and outdoor lawn lights. 
The landscapers at Cern’s house broke all the outdoor lights and Cern’s wife got very upset and they paid for the damaged lights. 
Chip and Cern both have had some serious issues with reusing their lights from last year. They both got some lights from Target last year, but they didn’t work. 1/3 of the strand didn’t work and it was the middle strand. Chip and his wife tried to replace the bulbs, but with no success. As expected Cern threw is busted lights into the middle of the street. After 3 trips to Target Chip had the correct lights for his house. 
Cern’s wife struggles to name some Star Wars characters, movies and other Star Wars related items. 
Chip goes over his Xmas Situation where his wife bought something on her list that she gave Chip. Cern and Robin weigh in on who is right and who is wrong. Spoiler alert: Chip wins. 
Cern’s wife has her own private list for Christmas gifts. 
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