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Chip and Cern Show

May 26, 2016

Chip and Cern get serious. Dick jokes and busting your friends balls are all well and good, but sometimes there is times to be serious. Political shows, minimum wage and now a constant in the news is transgender people. 
The Mormon John Smith wouldn’t like this show. If you aren’t interested in hearing about this topic please feel free to skip. 
The transgender movement kicked off was the Caitlin Jenner transition late last year. It was a big deal because he was a big American hero and in the national spot light.
The North Carolina bathroom bill. One must use the bathroom for which gender they were assigned on their birth certificate. Chip doesn’t care where anyone shits and Cern agrees whole heartedly. 
Church leaders, overly concerned parents and other folks are very concerned that these “transgendered freaks” will be raping all over the free world. Cern makes a great point that rapists are gonna rape no matter what laws are in place.
Some people are saying that anyone that “feels like a lady” can go into the women’s bathroom for sexual pleasures. 
Chip shares his experience in an inclusive gender neutral bathroom at MozCon 2015. 
Cern throws a true scenario from a drunk night at the bar. Where he was the “first man on the moon” and went into the women’s bathroom to piss/puke/poop. 
Cern isn’t concerned in the least bit about any young children being harmed in any bathroom. 
The Obama Administration has issued guidelines saying if your school is publicly or federally funded you must allow people to use the bathroom or locker room where they feel most comfortable. 50% of transgender people who were bullied in school have attempted suicide. 
What is wrong with allowing people to just feel comfortable with who they are. 
Cern says do what you wanna do and I’ll do what I want to do.
It is ironic that the people who are most concerned with this bill and the government telling people what to do HATE when they try to take your guns away.
Curt Schilling was fired for anti transgender posting on Facebook.
#Boycott target with some AFA folks. Chip realizes that people have been using the same bathrooms for years with the unisex bathrooms at gas stations and beyond. People are bringing their bibles into Target and shouting. These Bible thumpers are gonna move to Wal Mart. 
Maroon 5, Springsteen, Pearl Jam and more have already cancelled their shows in North Carolina to which they are losing out on $4.5 BILLION in Federal funding. Salesforce, NCAA and many other huge corporations are cancelling their expansion plans. 
Cern says get out of the way of the LGBT train or any other hot topic of the minute. 
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