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Chip and Cern Show

Jul 14, 2016

Chip and Cern bring aboard their best looking guests thus far, their wives. The ladies are in to discuss some over purchasing at Target, 27th birthday’s and Cern’s inability to say no to anything that his kids ask. 
Chip’s wife NEEDED to go to Target to get an outfit for an upcoming event at Cern’s house. Chip appreciates a new outfit because he has bought new hats when get gets a new job. 
Chip’s daughter had a dingy outfit on that said “Stay Fancy” on it. Chip’s wife got some beer, so he went out to the car and found a bag from Target that was over flowing with, in his estimates, 12 baby outfits. His wife and Robin, Cern’s wife, quickly sided up. 
Cern admits he has a hard time saying no when the kids get older. Not just his own kids, but everyone. Toys, candy and eating out. Charlee, the newest youngest guest, makes an appearance with Chip’s wife’s titty. 
Cern’s wife reveals that all the kids know Cern will always say yes to them and will even say “we should have asked Cerney!"
Kristen, Chip’s wife, comments that there was too many good things to pass up.
Robin, Cern’s wife, drives a slave operation and had Chip and Kristen up at 6am cleaning floors and the house.
Kristen admitted that she was already open to purchasing more outfits above and beyond the one outfit she had committed and told Chip about. The ladies team up, as expected.
Chip talks about how silly it is to buy a kid that cannot walk shoes. Cern is going to even “hand shoes”.
Chip’s friend bought some baby Jordan shoes, which he thought was funny purchase cause she cannot even wear them for over a year.
Robin like miniature things of human clothes.
Cern comments that he is able to go to the store for a specific thing he can do it which was quickly rebutted by his wife. Cern’s begs to go to Costco, which his wife leaves him in the car.
Goose Island is supplying the beer. Be ready for an email from Chip and Cern about sponsorship.
Robin painted a very nice logo in the new studio. The design was from Michael Spiegel Designs. You can purchase some Chip and Cern Show t-shirts, hats and stickers at
Cern’s wife used to listen to Chip and Cern Show v1 when they first started dating. 
Chip never got anything from his parents during shopping trips. Cern’s dad would buy him stuff, but his mom was a coin flip.
Charlee, the baby of Chip and Kristen, is bad at paying attention, worse than Joe.
Cern’s wife got some beer for the fridge and Cern already cracked them much to Robin’s chagrin. 
Cern and his father in law built the studio which looks amazing.
Chip and his wife work well as a team, as exampled by his wife saying “remember when we won that egg toss?"
Chip’s wife Kristen is trying to man him up by buying him some man tools from Home Depot. DeWalt top of the line 20v blow your dick off drill. It is still in the box, but Chip is determined to use it. He has been watching I Like to Make Stuff YouTube channel, a YouTube Ron Swanson, and he is getting really excited to make something with his new tools.
Cern ask his wife, Robin if they work well as a team. “We are a sponge, one scruffy side and one soft side. I’m there to smooth it over when you are throwing stuff down the stairs.” 
Robin somehow let a plant die which they are trying to return a plant with a 1 year warranty. The lack of ventilation in the podcast room is making Chip and Cern really sweat. 
Charlee is attacking the mic and causing some distractions to Chip. Cern is confident that this will give the Poop Show a run for it’s money. 
Robin asked Cern to do the dirty work and return the plant. Charlee makes her first appearance on mic, and she recently started saying “momma, momma, momma."
Cern and Robin’s kid asks tons of questions which get tuned out. Charlee continues to interrupt the show, she will be reprimand later. 
For Robin’s birthday on July 4th she usually had to babysit Cern’s friends, whom have been guests on this podcast, besides Tony who doesn’t listen because he is a son of a bitch.
If you want a free sticker, email
Thanks again to Michael Spiegel Design for the great logo.
Robin says that the wife show, despite needing some editing, has a lot of character. This sends Cern into a story and rant. Robin likes things to have character, but Cern likes clean lines and smooth. Cern claims to rule with an iron fist. The baby Charlee is done with the podcast, as of the listeners at this time. 
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