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Chip and Cern Show

Sep 15, 2016

Chip and Cern are bringing the funny as Cern states right out of the gate. The dreaded REPLY ALL is the bane of the office infractions. Unfortunately not punishable by death, the reply all just annoys Chip and Cern as well as other office employees around the world.
Cern’s most recent reply all situation came after a retirement email thanking Joe Emplyoee for this 10 years of service. Then everyone chimes in with the one line “congrats,” long time coming, etc which just clogs everyone’s inbox for no reason at all. Cern places bets on who will be the 1st person to reply all and the over/under on how many people reply all. Cern will usually just delete these congrats emails right away. Chip inquires about if there was food brought to the office the serial reply all person would just reply “thx” which, as Chip points out, has zero value add to the conversion. 
At Cern’s office there was a email bickering match that Cern got pulled in to that was already 7 deep. Cern just reply all and said “you are killing me."
At Chip’s office the HR office had to send an email about NOT replying all, which that was reply all to it was driving Chip crazy. There is a few serial reply all folks in his office who made their own email thread where they can reply all until the cows come home. 
Chip inquires to Cern about accidental reply alls that caused embarrassment. Cern was the cause of once of these. He was trying to have the address changed and he typed “can you SHIT (instead of ship) to Modesto.” Nobody called him out on it, but he realized after the fact that he told them to shit all over California.
Chip shares  a story of a reply all from an ex employee to the HR person who sent an email about getting their reviews in for compensation of the year. This ex employee reply all to the entire company and said “Just let me know what I need to do to get my bonus.” everyone looked up from their desks and was like oh shit. 
At Chip’s work they use “Google for Work” the default is reply, so people are taking extra steps to click reply all. Cern goes to one up. He sends out a lot of reports and big ass Excel docs so when people reply all it attaches the big file, so when this gets sent around a few times it fills up the mailbox. 
Chip will go so far to send emails to every and put them in the bcc, so they cannot reply all. Just to spite folks because that is what he does. 
Chip and Cern Pro Tip: use reply all sparangly and with intelligence. 
If you have some reply all disasters from your work be sure to send it our way to and we will be sure to enjoy those. 
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