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Chip and Cern Show

Dec 14, 2017

Like any good trilogy, it ends in 3 episodes. Chip brought in his wife, Kristen, the mattress diva, for some reinforcement and additional insights to the ongoing mattress situations. If you missed the mattress situation part 1 and part 2 be sure to give those a listen. Chip and his wife went to a “big box” mattress store to get taken for most of their life savings and dignity. Will this 4th mattress solve their issues or will there be more sleepless nights?
First Chip and his wife got a “concrete mattress” from their “friend” Matt. Then they moved to Bear Mattress and then to Purple Mattress. Chip went into a Mattress Firm with his wife to do a proper mattress search. They fell into a millennium trap with the mattress in a box companies. 
Chip’s wife was not optimistic about Mattress Firm, but she was in need for a good night’s sleep. She found a 23k mattress which is what Presidents sleep on. Chip goes on to explain the amazingness of this mattress that starts at the same amount as a Honda Civic. 
Chip and his wife decided on a new mattress a Beautyrest Legend from The Mattress Firm. They have been on it for a few weeks now, but Chip’s wife isn’t totally sold. 
Chip takes issue with the Purple marketing saying that they need stretchy sheets to allow for proper sinking in during sleeping. 
There are a few outstanding items from the mattress situation.
  1. Chip and his lady are still owed a nice dinner for the concrete mattress bamboozle.
  2. Matt, the bamboozler, said he feels no guilt for selling us the mattress. He is trying to blame the issues on the sleepers not the mattress.
Chip got himself a nice wake up light ( He fired it up at 4am it and his wife took exception with it. A pretty solid story and some might find it insightful to hear Chip’s wife thoughts on the matter.
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