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Chip and Cern Show

Aug 15, 2019

Chip and Cern bust out their fingers & toes, abacus, and protractors to take on the math problem that broke the internet. The math problem is basic: "8÷2(2+2)=?" Chip and Cern are over confidant and roll out their PEMDAS getting the answer of 1. After some more digging and Googling, Chip and Cern find a new way to handle this problem. 
Chip and Cern learn about some BODMAS. Which is the better way to do PEMDAS because division and multiplication are interchangeable and should be done left to right. Chip and Cern do some digging and find the answer to be 16. Google says the answer is 16 which leads Chip and Cern down the BODMAS path. Chip’s wife even comes in to comment on this math problem which threw Chip and Cern for a loop. 
Chip and Cern then start looking at the old graphing calculators TI-83+ which, rather than doing actual math on Chip and Cern would load with games to pass the time in math. No wonder Chip barely passed in high school. 
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