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Chip and Cern Show

Nov 29, 2018

Chip and Cern are on a break, so we are bringing you The Hits v10. They will be back to provide you with new shows in no time, but The Hits are a great way to share and introduce the show to your friends. 
We wanted to give a big thanks to our wives, family and friends who are always there for support.
The Hits v10 features clips from the following episodes:
Pokemon Go 1 Year Anniversary
The Gang Golfs, minus Chip
Chip the Good Samaritan
Chip and Cern Get Handy
The Mad Pooper
Golf Tourney Recap
RIP Hugh Hefner
Chip and Cern to Comic Con?
Be sure to spread the word around and tell your friends about the Chip and Cern Show. The radio is dying and podcasts are coming, so be ready. You can plug your phone into your car and listen when driving around. 
If you wanting a free sticker, shoot an email to and we will give you one. 
As always we appreciate you spreading the word with your friends, coworkers, family and churchgoing community members.