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Chip and Cern Show

Jun 23, 2016

The Chip and Cern Show has hit 25 episodes! Plus we got ourselves a new logo! Big thanks to Michael Spiegel Design for the awesome logo. If you are interested in getting some top notch design work done shoot him an email.
Chip and Cern are on Summer Break, so we are bringing you The Hits v1 from our first 6 shows. Cern is busy building the new studio, Chip is still riding his bike and running all over creation. They will be back to provide you new shows in no time, but The Hits are a great way to share and introduce the show to your friends. 
We wanted to give a big thanks to our wives, family and friends who are always there for support.
The Hits v1 features clips from the following episodes:
We Are Back and Shaking Off the Rust
Steve Harvey Gone and Fucked Up
Super Bowl
Bad Month to be an Aging Rockstar
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We are getting STICKERS, HATS, TSHIRTS and a new logo designed by Michael Spiegel Design!
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