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Chip and Cern Show

Jan 25, 2018

Chip and Cern call on Stat Boi Dana to join to do the Super Bowl preview show. Predictions were made and bets were placed. Dana and Chip know that Cern is a deep, true blue Pats fan and Brady fan. Chip and Cern are trying out he Facebook Live, so be sure to like Chip and Cern Show on Facebook
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Chip hasn’t seen any of the playoff games, but Cern and Dana fill him in on the happenings. Dana would put 10k on the Jags with the -7.5 points. Everyone on the podcast went with the Vikings. 
Chip was looking over some of the playoff scores because he never saw any of them. Dana and Cern were kind enough to enlighten Chip that if the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl they will be playing at their home field. This would be happening for the first time ever. 
Chip, Cern and Dana all agree that the Pro Bowl for the NFL is a waste of time. 
Cern’s Super Bowl Picks: Pats v Vikings WINNER: Vikings
Stat Boi Dana’s Super Bowl Picks: Pats v Vikings WINNER: Vikings
Chip’s Super Bowl Picks: Pats v Vikings WINNER: Vikings
Dana’s Keys to Success for the Super Bowl:
Stop the Pat’s run game. 
Cern’s bro runs such a hard line on the Dolphins saying they are going to the Super Bowl and won’t deter off that line which annoys the shit out of everyone.
Joe is having a Super Bowl party and he knows how to throw a party. 
Cern is going on a cruise in a few weeks, so there is some tangent about what the best thing to drink on a cruise ship. Cern loves the Gin & Tonics. 
Joe will run some solid squares for Super Bowl. Everyone wants in on the squares. 
Dana doesn’t get into the prop bets because they are too stupid.
The conversation turns to Keap and Russel Wilson’s “God Squad” hard time. 
Chip wants to get on the Tesla Model 3 and Cern co-signs. 
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