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Chip and Cern Show

Jan 4, 2018

For the first show of 2018 Chip and Cern recap/review the newest Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The stars have aligned to allow both Chip and Cern to watch a movie, in theaters, within a week of it opening. Chip and Cern have seen all the Star Wars movies, but wouldn’t call themselves experts when compared to the full on Star Wars fans. 
Cern botched the seat selection and picked the seats that were right near the front. Chip and his wife went on a date night and Chip went all out on the popcorn, Butterfinger minis and his wife got all the sour type candies that Chip can’t stand. 
Chip and Cern can’t even remember the last movie that was releases which was called The Force Awakens. 
Both Chip and Cern were bugged by the floating space Leia scene and both Chip and Cern kept saying “rip, rip” whenever she would appear on screen. Chip thought it was odd and these seemed to be a new feature in the Force.
The Snoke battle/death scene was pretty cool and sort of predictable according to Chip. 
Chip questions what happened to Luke’s green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. Someone with way more Star Wars knowledge should comment about that. 
Chip thought there was a little too much searching for jokes and some laughs in this movie. 
Chip and Cern both enjoyed Benicio Del Toro character in the movie. Cern doesn’t think this will be the last we see of him. Chip is also tired of the pilot that is so crazy and such a rebel. 
Cern liked the final Luke Skywalker scene where he projected himself into the battle scene. It made some sense with all the other Snoke/Kylo Ryn/Rey Jedi Skype.
Chip and Cern speculate on how Rey got her force. Maybe she is Kylo Ryn’s sister.
The boys wanted Chewy to do more shit and bust out that killer crossbow. Chip and Cern discuss why Shaq cannot be Chewy. Chip says “too swol” and Cern takes digs at the insurance commercials Shaq has been doing.
The Resistance is going to have to get to some procreating because their numbers are really low. 
For the Han Solo movies, Chip and Cern speculate if Jaba is going to be really thin and Chewy will be clean shaved. 
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