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Chip and Cern Show

Dec 7, 2017

Chip and Cern get serious despite an early that’s what she said joke right off the bat. Sexual harassment allegations have been in the news too much lately. Man, woman, Democrat or Republican these acts have hit just about everyone, but they have been primarily focused on the empowered woman coming out against their harassers, gropers, and rapers. 
The wave of the victims coming out started around the trending #MeToo on Twitter. This really brought a lot of light the magnitude of the situation. Harvey Weinstein was the first big name to take a big fall, which it appears he was a massive creep. Chip and Cern think that the swift and brutal justice that comes on these people is due and the appropriate punishment. 
Chip says it really sucks that when there are actors that you like or enjoy their work and it turns out they are bottom of the barrel creeps. Kevin Spacey was a good example of this. His coming out as gay during a time of these accusations. 
Louis CK has admitted to masturbating in front of some fellow comedians in his hotel room. CK came out and admitted to these allegations and was promptly dropped by Netflix and other partners.
Chip and Cern touch on the point that with these politically charged allegations people are so “with their team” so to speak. These allegations are beyond Republican and Democrat it is about people. 
Seems that robes are tied back to these harassments. Chip and Cern dissect the robe and why someone would own a robe. 
As of November 21st there are 34 men who have been accused and have experienced some downfall of some sort according to the New York Times. Chip and Cern are disappointed to say that this number will be growing. Since the time of recording Matt Lauer and a few others have been served justice. 
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