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Chip and Cern Show

Dec 22, 2016

Chip and Cern have hit 50 episodes and have been at it for over a year now. If you have missed any episodes give us a look on iTunes.
If you missed any of the older Pokemon Go episodes check out Pokemon Go v1 and v2. 
Chip and Cern have still been playing Pokemon Go, but not at the pace that they started out. It was something to do on the bus for Chip, so he kept playing. 
Cern plays still because his kids are still really into the TV show and cards, so Cern won’t stop playing for a while.
Pokemon Go was getting a little boring catching all the same “basic AF” Pokemon like Pidgey, Rattas, and the like. 
There was a Halloween event that really bumped the interest back up in Pokemon for Chip and Cern.
Niantic added the Ditto which really made Chip catch hella rats and Pidgeys and other “garbage ‘mons.”
Cern’s brother is #fakenews with the Pokemon news that he tries to break to Chip and Cern. He should work for TMZ/ Fox News or something. Chip doesn’t trust Cern’s brother for news anymore.
Niantic announced they were going to release Generation 2 (Gen 2) Pokemon on December 15th. The only way to get the Gen 2 Pokemon are to hatch them via eggs (2km, 5km or 10km). Chip thinks this is to slow roll the new ‘mons into the world to not fuck it up.
Chip spent actual money, 20 bucks, on the Pokemon Go game buying some coins. He also made up a new work “incubations.” He has been trying to hatch more eggs to get these Gen 2 and hatched 2 Igglybuffs or whatever the fuck they are called.
Cern is most impressed by the amount of stardust Chip has which is 415k at the time of this recording. 
Chip and Cern are hoping for a Christmas event where the full Gen 2 is released. Cern is hoping for the 3 birds and double XP day. Chip would like that too so they can level up quickly. 
Both Chip and Cern are pissed about the speed block that Niantic put in place for safety purposes. 
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Chip and Cern are excited about cool collaboration with Elemental Supply Co
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