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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 9, 2017

Pokemon Go just had their biggest release since the game started. Generation 2 is out in the wild! 80 new Pokemon from the John Region. If you missed any other Pokemon Go episodes check those out here: Pokemon Go, V2, and V3.
Chip and Cern’s time spend playing had dwindled to only a few minutes a day to get the streak rewards then not really do anything else. Catching the same old Pokemon and inaccurate egg hatching were the root cause. 
Here is a list of all Genres 2 Pokemon that you can now catch. 
Cern is big on the gym battles, so he is always looking for the best match up.
Niantic would announce these special events during holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. The Halloween event was by far the best one according to Chip and Cern.
When Gen 2 was released it brought Chip and Cern excitement that they had during the original release. Cern’s brother was in class and couldn’t act on the release straight away. 
The eggs have shifted, so here is the updated Pokemon Hatch list
Chip and Cern are frustrated with some of the Pokemon that are in the eggs. Walking and hatching an egg shouldn’t hatch you a “Garbage Mon” that you catch all the time and at anytime. 
Since Chip and Cern aren’t super well versed on the Gen 2 Pokemon they have found a few solid articles that helped know what different Pokemon are common and which ones are rare
All in all Chip and Cern say that Gen 2 release is a hit. It reenergized the game which was getting tired. There is a few features or bugs that would be great to have fixed, but the game is solid. 
Stat Boi Dana isn’t impressed by the update and has uninstalled the game.
Joe has been pulled back in a little bit, but might need to be enticed to make the jump back in. 
Chip and Cern speculate about what the Easter Event might bring. Cern thinks giant eggs with the “legendary birds” would be really cool and Chip agrees. 
Chip has spun 7445 Pokestops and Cern has spun 4472.
Chip caught 4008 Pokemon and Cern captured 4078. 
Chip has hatched 276 eggs and Cern has hatched 141 eggs. 
Chip has jogged 700km and Cern 471km. 
Cern has won about 4x the amount of battles that Chip has won. 
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