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Chip and Cern Show

Jul 28, 2016

Cern want’s to be the very best. That is right folks we dive into the craze of 2016, Pokemon Go! This app has swept the world up in only a few weeks. 10 million app downloads in Pokemon Go’s first week of existence. Hear Chip and Cern break down the game play, Chip shares some stories of playing in an airport and more!

Chip can’t even do his fathering because he is trying to catch Squirtle. When you first start playing Pokemon Go you can design your avatar, then pick between Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. There is some hack to get a Pikachu right off the bat, but neither Chip or Cern know how to do that. 

Chip’s work they have a Slack channel for Pokemon Go called #go. Chip and Cern have a text thread going with their friends about the app and everyone they know is playing. 

If you don’t know you actually have to walk around to catch Pokemon, get Pokeballs from actual real world places and battle gyms that are at parks, the mall, etc. Pokemon Go has more active users than Twitter. 

Joe is the Poke Master our of the circle of friends. Chip and Cern work a 9-5 desk job, 1hr lunch and sit at a desk all day. Joe’s job requires a lot of travel, so he can visit tons of Pokestops and catch tons of Pokemon. 

Chip used to really be into the Pokemon cards, playing the card game with his brother and of course playing on Gameboy. It was always fun to get a holographic card when you would open the packs. Chip’s parents might even have his old Pokemon cards. 

Chip and Cern think that nostalgia is why Pokemon Go is so popular. This is the game everyone wish they were playing 15 years ago.

Someone at Chip’s work had to go get a new phone because the phone he had to play the game. 

Using Google Maps data there are real world locations that you can find a Pokestop where you can get potions, Pokeballs, eggs, and other things to use during the game. So the name of the game is walking around to get all your supplies and hatch your eggs. There is a threshold of speed so you can’t drive around in your car cheating to hack your eggs to hatch faster. 

The Pokemon Go has some serious server issues. Chip and Cern’s servers are wide open for whomever. You guys are welcome to crash them out we would appreciate it.

Someone is Chip’s work building puts up lures all day and Pokemon is raining down on him all day. 

Chip couldn’t care what the haters say about a nearly 30 year old man catching cartoon characters all day long. 

This game gets a lot of hate, but it gets kids out of the house, walking around, meeting new people and socializing. 

Chip wants to know the “get eaten by shark number.” Tweet us at @chipandcernshow

Cern was a Pokemon hater back in the day because his little brother was really into it, so it took him a while to convince him to download it.

In San Francisco there is so many Pokestops. One night after a half bottle of wine Chip tells his wife “I need to walk the dogs” at 10:30p at night because he say there was triple lures in Japantown only two blocks away from his apartment. There was 25 people at 10:30 at night. Chip was standing around freezing his ass off with a bunch of nerds. They are asking about what team everyone is. Chip picked the yellow team, Instinct, without even knowing anything about it. Turns out the yellow team is the slapdick team. 

Stat boy Dana text to get everyone on Team Red, but Chip had already picked #TeamInstinct. Cern also joined #Teaminstinct because it was against what Dana suggested. 

Chip didn’t talk about with any of these so called nerds and was very out of his element. He caught some Pideys and Sparrows and then went home. He came home and told his wife that there was a ton of nerds down there to which his wife called him a nerd for being down there as well.

Chip was traveling to LA the other weekend and his flight was delayed 6 hours. His poor kid was cranky the whole time and he didn’t get home until 2am. Because of the long delay Chip decided to catch em all in the airport. 

He was charging his phone off the one outlet in the whole airport there was like 8 high school boys that were also playing Pokemon Go. They were all bitching about who would put a lure up with no Pokemon around. The kids found out it was Chip who put the lure down. The kids started asking Chip Pokemon questions about when to evolve his Pokemon and once they found out how high Chip’s Pokemon were he became the alpha male of the group. So Chip and these high school boys were trying to take down some of these gyms in the airport. They because instant friends for the remaining 2 hours battling Pokemon and Chip had fun. High schoolers and a drunk 30 year old podcaster because friends that day. 

Chip starts talking about what type of cell phones they had in high school. Cell phones because pretty popular but they didn’t have any cool games just snake. Cern would load games on his Ti-83 calculator and one person in school had all the games and would transfer them to everyone. 

If there was Snapchat in high school Chip and Cern would have been ruined. Chip tries to get his wife to send him some naughty snaps, but she is resistant. Chip always sends snaps to his wife with the dogs, baby and always trying to be funny. She screen caps every pic and the one time Chip screen capped a cleavage snap she freaked. 

Cern is only at level 6 and he lets his kids play and they waste all his Pokeballs. Cern was putting his kid to bed and he saw there was a Pikachu outside and he was seriously debating walking outside to go catch that creature and leave his son. Cern attended to his son and let the Pokemon run away. 

Chip’s kid is now learning how to make wheezing nosies which is freaking out his wife and him. 

Chip has a gym right by his house and fights it every morning when he is walking the dogs. The gym is so competitive that if he takes a gym over it is gone before he is a block away from the gym. 

If the gym is your same color you can train at the gym and raise your XP for yourself and it helps make your gym stronger. 

Chip’s best Pokemon is a level 1100 Arcanine and he is at level 18. Cern is level 6 with a level 215 Pidgeotto. 

Chip and Cern just give a “fuck off” to the haters who ask how old they are for playing Pokemon.

There is a Pokemon Go Bar Crawl in San Francisco that had over 3000 people. Cern’s brother went to a bar crawl in San Francisco. They would walk all over The City catching Pokemon and then stopping in bars to wet their whistles. 

Joe said after his softball game at 11pm there was a few hundred people at this Pokestop with a lure attached. 

There are plenty of stories about people getting hit by cars and things of that nature, but there is also some really good feel good stories. Chip and Cern give a seal of approval to the Pokemon Go crazy and say it is only a good thing.

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