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Chip and Cern Show

Dec 27, 2018

For the last episode of 2018 Chip and Cern discuss Plex the media streaming/ server app. Plex facilitates sharing media via a media server. You can share that media with friends and family. Cern had Plex and told Chip about it, and then, of course, Chip had to go all in with Plex. 
Chip went in all in on Plex. New computer, upgraded his internet speeds and a VPN. Chip’s wife only knows about half of this stuff. Dana turned Cern onto Plex and hooked Cern up with the log in deets. 
Chip and Cern have both found they are scrolling through Netflix less because they are watching Plex. 
Chip is paying on the data twice for each piece of content, one to download and the one to upload it to steam it to the Apple TV. Chip blew his internet cap out within 10 days of having his Plex up and running. Chip thinks he is really going to stick it to Comcast. 
Do you have any tips and tricks for Plex? Be sure to send those to @chipandcernshow on Twitter!
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