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Chip and Cern Show

Apr 28, 2016

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Chip and Cern follow up about the Adam LaRoche situation. Discussion of what a slump buster is. Chipper started fantasy baseball again. Chip discusses why he left the old fantasy baseball with his “slap dick” friends. Tinker Stinker Time, tinker with your fantasy team whilst on the shitter. Chip and Cern discuss getting a redraft because the commish is a slap dick. Chip is bitch whipped. Discussion about no name players that you need to fill your line up out with. Chip tried to swoop on Yu in the late rounds. Cern had 6th pick over all and Chip had the 10th pick. Mock drafts are so stupid.
Tangent: Why do you need to FaceTime when just talking to someone? Do they need to see your face? 
Head to head point discussion. Pretty traditional stuff, errors count against hitters. Tony picked 5 players then let his team go to auto draft. This makes him a, you guessed it, slap dick. Cern relives his love for Josh Hamilton. A-Rod and Pujols have fallen from graces, just a few years ago they were 1st overall pick, now going 40th round. 
Tangent: The Fappening. “I had to rush home to download all this porn"
Chip drafted a lot of Cubs on his team for some unknown reason. Cern needs some relief pitchers and Chip has 4 1st basemen. Chip is stacked for relievers. 
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