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Chip and Cern Show

Feb 21, 2019

Due to several big-time free agents still unsigned, some MLB players are talking players strike. Chip and Cern dig little into what started the 1994 MLB Strike. Chip and Cern review the Adam Wainwright clip where he is talking about a strike. Find out who is still unsigned, how much are they making and some Giants salary talk on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show. 
Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are the two biggest free agents that are yet to be signed and many think that owners are colluding against these big players and their contracts. 
Chip has some tips on how to get the strike does not look like some money grab. 
Chip and Cern learn up about what caused the 1994 strike and how it affected the game after that. 
Chip just starts reading off some stats from the 1994 strike-shortened season. 
Cern has a great point in saying the game of baseball isn’t ready for a strike. Attendance is down, and the game is tough to keep up with, so a strike isn’t a good one to take for the MLB.
Here are the remaining free agents for 2019 MLB:
Martin Maldonado (32, 0.9)
Matt Wieters (33, 0.9)
First basemen
Hanley Ramirez (35, -0.2)
Logan Morrison (31, -0.7)
Second basemen
Josh Harrison (31, 0.3) 
Logan Forsythe (32, -0.2)
Brandon Phillips (38, -0.3)
Third basemen
Chase Headley (35, -0.4)
Danny Valencia (34, -0.4)
Jose Reyes (36, -0.9)
Manny Machado (26 years old, 6.2 WAR)
Jose Iglesias (29, 2.5)
Left fielders
Marwin Gonzalez (30, 1.6)
Denard Span (35, 1.5)
Craig Gentry (35, 0.6)
Matt Holliday (39, 0.1)
Center fielders
Adam Jones (33, 0.5)
Austin Jackson (32, -1.0)
Right fielders
Bryce Harper (26 years old, 3.5 WAR)
Carlos Gonzalez (33, 1.7)
Jose Bautista (38, 1.0)
Carlos Gomez (33, -0.5)
Chris Young (35, -0.5)
Designated hitters
Evan Gattis (32, 0.0)
Starting pitchers
Dallas Keuchel (31, 3.6)
Gio Gonzalez (33, 2.0)
Clay Buchholz (34, 1.9)
James Shields (37, 0.8)
Edwin Jackson (35, 0.7)
Doug Fister (35, 0.3) -- Retired (2/13).
Bartolo Colon (46, 0.2)
Yovani Gallardo (33, 0.1)
Miguel Gonzalez (35, -0.3)
Chris Tillman (31, -0.4)
Ervin Santana (36, -0.5)
Relief pitchers
Craig Kimbrel (31, 1.5)
Tony Sipp (35, 0.9)
Nick Vincent (32, 0.7)
Tyler Clippard (34, 0.5)
Adam Warren (31, 0.3)
Bud Norris (34, 0.2)
Ryan Madson (38, 0.2)
Santiago Casilla (38, 0.1)
Jorge De La Rosa (38, 0.0)
Justin Hancock (28, 0.0)
Fernando Salas (34, 0.0)
Blake Wood (33, 0.0)
Matt Belisle (39, -0.2)
AJ Ramos (32, -0.2)
Jim Johnson (36, -0.3)
Boone Logan (34, -0.3)
Peter Moylan (40, -0.4)
Blaine Boyer (37, -0.9)
Joaquin Benoit (41, N/A) 
Jandel Gustave (26, N/A) 
Chip and Cern go on to triggering themselves looking at all the crazy high salaries for subpar players on the Giants. 
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