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Chip and Cern Show

Jul 5, 2018

Chip and Cern must be hurting for content because they are back on their old crutch Joe. It was recently discovered that Joe is a reverse beer snob. Be sure to check out Chip and Cern on YouTube Live 360. Chip and Cern were floating the idea of getting Chip and Cern Show branded koozies, if that is interesting to you send a tweet in or some form of contact.
Joe is a true fan and friend who reps the Chip and Cern Show harder than even the hosts. 
Joe text Chip, Cern, Dana and Tony saying that he was headed to University of Beer which is a big beer house type place with over 100+ beers on tap, very similar to Yardhouse. One might think that they could find a beer for any type of beer lover there. Not the case for Joe. 
Joe brings his own beers to the party because he loves his Coors Light. His own ice chest, stocked full with Coors Lights. Chip and Cern try to break down the reasoning for bringing his own beers. 
Chip and Cern start looking down the tap list and reading off and speculating why Joe does or doesn’t like certain beers. 
Chip and Cern dive into looking at different gins, which they haven’t had for several years, but it used to be Cern’s go to back in the day. 
If you are interested in a Chip and Cern Show beer koozie let drop a line of Twitter!
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