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Chip and Cern Show

Apr 12, 2018

Chip and Cern are coming in hot! Joe’s birthday is coming up and the boys go over what the plans are for Joe’s birthday celebration. There are some YouTube Live folks tuning in. Chip and Cern are also on Spotify, so be sure to check that out! 
Chip and Cern peel back the curtain and tell how they came up with their intro and who the female voice is and spoiler alert it isn’t their wives. It is Joe’s birthday and Chip and Cern say he is a great friend and would do anything for you, no questions asked and never ask for anything in return. Just a solid dude, which is why Chip and Cern are such good friends with him. Joe worked at a pizza place and he came over to help Cern on “Pizza Night” at his house. Chip, Cern and Tony were on the financial backing for Joe’s mobile brick oven stove pizza job. 
For Joe’s birthday Chip and Cern are treating him to a round of golf. Chip tried to get Cern’s wife to make them breakfast at 6am, but she wouldn’t bite. Chip and Cern then go into their breakfasts each morning. 
Chip prob drinks about 4 mugs of coffee a day and Cern says he puts down 4-6 mugs of coffee per day. Then for some reason Chip and Cern get way off topic of Joe’s birthday celebration and start talking about coffee drinking at work and what time everyone gets to work. 
The event took place at Lincoln Hills Golf Course in Lincoln, CA. Chip and Cern are somewhat on par with golf skills. Cern says he is better when Chip isn’t there. Joe is a fun going guy and doesn’t pay much attention to rules, but on the golf course he is a Boy Scout. 
Joe usually plays for money when he golfs as well. Joe does enjoy himself some Coors Lights during golf. Chip and Cern then discuss what the progression is when adding beers to the golf game.
Chip borrowed his friend’s golf shoes, so he thinks he might be gaining a few strokes. 
Cern got himself some new clubs, golf shoes and bag for his birthday so he will prob beat Chip without issue. 
Then Chip and Cern start talking about all other times they have golfed together. 
Cern said he likes to anger Joe by putting from the fringe and Chip pokes at Joe by saying “sand pit."
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