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Chip and Cern Show

Apr 19, 2018

Chip and Cern are in Studio West (aka Chip’s house) for this round of The Chip and Cern Show. Don’t forget Chip and Cern are now on Spotify. Chip and Cern are in the know for everything and now they are hot on HQ Trivia, the live trivia game show where you can win actual money. 
Cern and his wife had been playing trivia at a local bar, but they scrapped trivia, so HQ Trivia is curing Cern’s trivia itch. HQ is twice a day and you have the chance of winning at least $2500 per round. Some newer sponsored rounds have been as high as $300,000! 
The host, Scott Rogowsky, has corny puns, but does a pretty good job considering everything is live. Papa Cern has been saying “how do you not win every time?” 
Chip and Cern were wondering how they make money on this app, but they have started brining in sponsors such as Nike.  
HQ was created by two ex Viners, but has become one of the hottest mobile app games today. 
Chip and Cern will divey up the answer when they don’t know and are playing with their family.
Cern has been playing another version of HQ where they have payouts along the way. So for example question 5 would be worth 1k and it would be split up by everyone that got that question correct. 
Cern said there was some Ed Sheeran question, so Chip and Cern start looking him and and seeing if he dated Tayler Swift. Chip sees that there is no evidence of dating online. 
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