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Chip and Cern Show

Oct 20, 2016

Cern’s favorite band is Guns N’ Roses and they reunited, much like Chip and Cern, to do a concert in San Francisco. Chip took Cern to this once in a lifetime event which Chip later found out was Cern’s first ever concert. 
Chip and Cern decide to derail the show from the get go and move on to a retelling of the Guns N’ Roses concert. 
Cern was supposed to get off early and meet Chip early in San Francisco, grab some beers and do this grand plan to get beers, dinner and enjoy themselves. 
Chip was walking along waiting for Cern and he saw Cern’s huge white van drive by and ran into the street and jumped into the car which really startled Cern. The found a FREE parking spot in San Francisco which is a feat in of itself. 
The two nerds brought extra battery packs so they can hunt Pokemon whilst walking around and having beers before the show. 
First stop was at Fort Point Brewery and enjoyed a pint there and then were looking for some grub to get. They then went to 21st Amendment another great local brewery in San Francisco. They have a bad ass beer garden in the alley just for drinking only which is the best place to be before a Giants game. Chip and Cern have 3-4 beers here which they couldn’t really recall.
Chip sorta humble brags about being to a lot of concerts. Green Day is Chip’s “hardest rock” concert he has been to. Everyone that was going to the concert had the full on 90’s hair band/ GnR look with leather jackets, ripped jeans and flannels around the waist. It was like you took a time machine back to ’91.
It may have been the beer’s talking, but Cern revolved something to Chip. He had never been to a concert. GnR was Cern’s true love and was saving his cherry for them. First concert experience is your favorite band, Chip was very excited for Cern’s first concert.
Axel and Slash, in separate cars, had a police escort to the stadium, so that alerted that the show was about to start. They were supposed to be on at 8pm and this was around 7:30p. 
Chip and Cern got some road sodas from an entrepreneur type person with an ice chest. Chip bought two Tecate cans for $10 which in his mind was a good deal. 1 beer inside AT&T Park is $11, so this was a good deal in Chip’s mind. Chip doesn’t remember, but Cern claims they drank the beers in front of the cops.
They tired to get sandwiches, but they closed early, so the food was delayed even more. 
Chip and Cern make it into the show and had a hell of a time.
More beers, Chip and Cern singing along to every song and Cern bugging people around him. Cern kept tapping the guy in front telling him how much Slash was crushing it. Chip had to wrangle Cern in a bit. 
Here is Chip and Cern logic. “We need some food to counter act all this beer. We need some beer to wash this food down with."
They played every song you wanted to hear, but didn’t do an encore, which is rare. 
Cern parked his car a ways away, but luckily Chip brought his scooter. Chip and Cern were ripping through lanes, high fiving people and having a blast. Cern had a great time on the scooter and loved it from the first minute. 
The night was a great time, the next morning however was not a great time. Chip should have worked from home, but did not. Cern rolled into work with a five o’clock shadow. Chip had a double burrito day with a breakfast burrito then some Chipotle for lunch. 
Cern didn’t catch the concert bug, but he would go again if it was someone he liked. 
Chip and his wife are going to see Sturgill Simpson two nights in a row in November. Chip tries to see these classic rock legends before they all start kicking the bucket. 
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