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Chip and Cern Show

Oct 12, 2017

It is that time of the year again, 360 videos, sour beers and Cern’s Companies Annual Golf Tournament. Chip, Cern, Stat Boy Dana and Joe teed off for some mid week golf. They might be getting nicer to each other, or are at least trying, but a good time is had by all.
Chip and Cern are back on their sours kick this week, this time trying out the North Coast Brewing Co. Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse. A rose colored lighter sour is perfect for the end of summer.
The gang was our the door early to make the 8am tee time. Joe is on point on the greens, which is his bread and butter. 
Cern’s company does the golf tournament right. Breakfast burritos, fruit, waters, coffee, free golf balls a nice bag. The golf was a little slow to start this year as opposed to last year. 
Chip and Cern were paired up in the golf carts and Joe and Dana in the other. A truce, truce was declared before we pulled out of the parking lot. 
On the first hole Chip exclaimed, “guys, lets see how many nice things we can say about each other today!” It lasted only a few minutes because Chip cannot contain himself. 
Chip brought his own golf clubs this time, but Chip and Cern still don’t own golf shoes. 
Cern rates his irons and putting his top clubs for the golf event, but the driver still continues too curse Cern. He sank some really strong putts throughout the round.
If the guys are giving grades out, Joe: A, Dana: B, Cern: C and Chip: D
Once Dana got a few ounces of beer in him really seemed to unlock his golfing potential. 
Cern had a slip of the tongue and proclaimed that there was still some dick sucking going on and later admitted it was just Joe and Dana on the ride home.
There were many birdies, pars, but no albatrosses that were hit. 
Chip downloaded the 18Birdies golf GPS appwhich was pretty sweet. If you golf regularly it would be a must have. 
Last hole of the day, Chip hits his 8 and sticks it right on the green. Being a best ball, they look Chip’s ball. Chip then walked right up and putted it right in from 15 feet out and walked off the green. 
The group packed up, raced the golf carts back to the cars and unload everything. 
The group was one of the first back in the lunch room and Cern bought some raffle tickets which he gave Chip half of them. 
Early on in the raffle Chip hits on a $121 cash prize. Being a man of his word he gives Cern $60 bucks. 
Because the golfing got started later, everyone got home way later than last year. 
Chip and Cern asked Joe and Dana if there was anything they didn’t want excluded from the podcast. Joe said, “Joe being an absolute beast on the golf course.”
Cern once again in true form parked one in the drink. Again Chip, Dana and Joe were doubled over with laughter. 
Dana got a few solid drives once he got some Coors Light in the system. 
Chip got his allergies all kicked up and Joe made a solid funny and Chip shot snot right into his salad from both nostrils. 
The 360 camera craps out right at the perfect time, which Chip is working on getting some better set up to keep the camera going longer. 
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