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Chip and Cern Show

Jul 19, 2018

Chip and Cern are giving Pokemon Go another go. They never really threw the Pokemon Go towel in, but just stopped talking about and lost interest. Both podcast hosts had correctly assumed that the other had stopped play. Chip sent an article to Cern that was titled “I’ve Giving Pokemon Go Another Try.” Chip and Cern were tired of the grinding in the game.

Chip and Cern both like catching the Pokemon, especially the rare ones, but the game became too much of a grind, and everyone lost interest.

Chip doesn’t play a lot of games on his phone, but he has been playing Toon Blast. Cern’s fav game is word blink or something like that.

Chip thought that it could be fun to start over from level 1.

They have added some new tasks which add some fun to the daily Pokemon experience. There is also trading now which was a long requested feature.

Cern’s brother is still really into Pokemon Go and hasn’t taken a break.

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