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Chip and Cern Show

Jul 21, 2016

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Chip and Cern cover everything from politics to poop. People only like poop and jerking off episodes.
The new iPhone and Samsung Note are being released which is the topic of this show.
Cern is a huge Samsung fanboy and Chip loves his Apple products. 
Cern says that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have 6GB of ram and the ability to plug into a ghost laptop.  
Cern is one of the worst people at texting. Misspellings, off the wall topics, everything takes another level of decoding. Cern tries to explain himself out of this. Chip digs into Cern’s texting issues. 
Chip cannot spell very well. Cern has the Note 4 right now and he is ready to upgrade. He is on Verizon’s Edge program, so he can upgrade sooner.
Women’s jeans have such tiny pockets and they cannot fit phones in. 
Chip and Cern have some cell phone battery conspiracy theories that they only last 1/4 of the day after a year. Apple has had accusations of purposely making batteries weak before. Cern busts out the term, “planned obsolescences” which Chip will have to look up later.
Chip and Cern both use Dollar Shave Club and really like it. They were just acquired for 1 BILLION dollars. Chip only shaves his legs and balls. He asked his wife if she wanted him to trim up anything special for Father’s Day. Cern suggests shaving an arrow into his pubes. In high school Joe shaved an arrow into this chest and belly hair.
Chip is annoyed that the cell phone companies try to educate you on how batteries work. 
Cern has quite the niggle in his throat.
Chip is going to move to the phone leasing program that Apple offers. Speaking of Apple Chip moves into the iPhone 7 rumors. Rumored to have a black color, which perked Cern’s interest because of his love for black stainless. 
Chip and Cern have their stickers on their phone cases. There are two different types of stickers you will get one of each with any purchase from the SHOP.
Everyone except Tony has been great on sharing on Facebook and Twitter about the show and we thank you.
The removal of the headphone jack is the biggest bit of rumor for the iPhone 7. 
Cern has ripped his laptop off his desk when his headphones were plugged in. 
Chip uses bluetooth for his cell phone, so he really doesn’t need the headphone jack. Cern would be fucked without a headphone jack.
Chip doesn’t think we need thinner phones.
Blackberry was the shit 10 years ago with the side scrolling and full keyboard, but it has fallen quickly out of favor since the iPhone and other touch devices. The only thing that Blackberry had going for them was their government contracts which they just lost
Cern’s bro had the Blackberry Storm which was a shitty phone and it clicked all the time. 
The Poop Show is by far the most downloaded episode. If you haven’t heard it give it a listen now.
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