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Chip and Cern Show

Feb 14, 2019

The Fyre Fest is one of the hottest documentaries on Netflix. Chip and Cern watched the doc and the Fye Fest teaser trailer. They also remember the cheese sandwich tweet when it was going viral, so they are experts at the subject.

The memes are flying fast and furious, especially with the gay gentleman who would suck some dick to get a ton of water released from customs. Billy McFarland who is now a convicted fraudster and his business partner Ja Rule got in way over their heads and then started to defraud concert goers. 
The Fyre Festival hype video just shows 15 super models, yacht life and white sand beaches, but that is far from what was actually happening. It turned out to be a shit show at every step and then there was more and more fraud happening.
One of the most frustrating things for Cern was Ja Rule. Cern hates his music and he wasn’t painted in a very positive light.
The worst part was all the people on this island that were being worked to the bone, didn’t get paid at all. 
Chip and Cern dig into Ja Rule’s rap sheet, music and his beefs. 
Chip and Cern both were in agreement that Billy didn’t set out to defraud people, but at the same time he didn’t pull back when it was really obvious that this wasn’t going to turn out. Billy was just so bullish and stubborn it was hard to feel bad for him at all. 
Chip took serious issue with how the celebs mislead and acted like they were going to be at the Fyre Festival, but they were actually just paid handsomely. 
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