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Chip and Cern Show

Oct 13, 2016

Fall is here. The favorite time of year (for sports) for Chip and Cern. Baseball playoffs, NFL and no NBA. 
Chip asks Cern if fantasy football or fantasy baseball is more popular with the American People. They both agreed that football was because it was less time investment per week. Chip and Cern started asking around with their friends if anyone wanted to do a pick ‘em league for a few bucks for fun. They decided to start the Chip and Cern Show Pick ‘Em League. With only a few days until the start of the season they were able to round up 35 people to join this league with weekly payouts and big bonus for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 
The Pick ‘Em Leagues are nice because it doesn’t require a ton of NFL/football intelligence to play and have fun. This format is easier to get people who don’t know much about football because there is a good chance they can win. This league really took off and everyone was impressed with how many people joined. Chip is the banker and Cern is helping with the spreadsheets for tracking payouts and who needs to settle up.
Chip is just happy that this pick em league is making him watch more football and paying attention to the games every week. Chip and Cern are having a pretty good starts so far in week 5. This league you also have to pick against the spreads which throws everyone’s game off. There are so many upsets in the first few weeks it just throws a wrench into anything.
It is hard for Cern to explain to the kids about how to pick the spreads because you might not be rooting for a certain team, but you just want them to score a certain amount of points. 
The weeks are getting won by one or two points. Chip repeats what Cern says a lot. 
Don’t start picking your teams with your heart. If you are a die hard fan you might get burned by picking your team every time. Cern always picks the Rams and they have been hot, so he is looking good. The Seahawks were getting huge spreads and not covering, but still winning, so Chip feels sorta happy.
The 49ers are sucking right now and Chip and Cern are loving it. About 80% of the league they are playing in is 9er’s fans who will pick them no matter what. 
Someone in the league was pretty close to picking a perfect week which would warrant a special bonus money. He picked every game correctly until about 1:30p on Sunday which is a hellova streak. 
The NFL is having the lowest ratings and viewers as of late, so they were talking about fining teams for what they are posting on Facebook and Twitter. The NFL has also started being a bit liberal with handing out the excessive celebration fines and penalties. It is making the games not as much fun to watch. 
Chip likes to see players get lit up just as much as anyone else, but he also respects the fact they are trying to protect some players. It is tough to tell a player they need to stop whilst in full speed coming for a sack. 
Cern tried looking up a tweet from Neil DeGrass Tyson to no avail. 
Odel Beckham Jr is up to $75k in fines for the year. Some of the fines are petty. 
Chip speculates that the NFL might be more of a selfish player center sport rather than a team when compared to baseball. MLB is more team oriented because you need to work more collectively to be a competitive team. One or two solid players on a NFL team can carry a team as opposed to one or two players on a baseball team will rarely make a difference.
When Alex Smith was the starting QB people were begging for Colin Kaepernick to start because he was the second coming of Joe Montana. Now they are trying to restructure his contract to a more performance based contract. 
In Cern’s youth he was once shamed for being a Ram’s fan and he has hated the 9ers ever sense that day.
Kaepernick has the dumbest hair style with a huge full Q-Tip afro. 
Chip and Cern never played football, but Chip was “recruited” by the football coach. The high school team sucked and a 500 record would be a huge success. Chip and Cern discuss about what protects your dick and balls during football. Do you wear a cup? Maybe they get a dick splint and blow up a hot bun type thing. 
Cern picks the Vikings to win the Super Bowl right now. He thinks the Eagles will come back down to earth with their rookie QB. 
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