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Chip and Cern Show

Apr 26, 2018

One famous Chip and Cern Show crutch is fantasy baseball. 2018 is no different. For this seasons baseball league Chip bowed out because “I just don’t have time.” Hear who is in the league, who drafted who and all the scuttlebutt in this years league. There are a few folks checking in on the YouTube live stream and don’t forget that Chip and Cern are on Spotify. 
There is a new sidebar chat group with all the fantasy baseball that Chip isn’t a part of and Cern has already muted. The chat was blowing up trying to pick a draft date and time. Then there was some debate around the amount of buy-in required for the league. 
Que story about Tony’s auto-drafting of every team and this year is no different. 
Cern scored with the 2nd pick, but then he didn’t get to pick for the 20 something pick. 
Cern goes into the stresses of managing a baseball team on the daily with fantasy baseball. That is part of the grind that Chip had to get away from. 
Cern feels good about his team that he drafted this year. Got some great pitchers in the later rounds.
Chip and Cern bitch about the lack of Giants pitching this year. 
Chip and Cern start watching monster homers including the Pujols off Lidge in the Game 5 NLCS. That really knocked down Lidge and he would never recover from that beating. 
Now Chip and Cern start looking at one armed pitchers in the MLB and watching old videos and being In awe how well he did with just one hand. 
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