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Chip and Cern Show

Jul 27, 2017

Chip and Cern bring regular guest Stat Boy Dana on board to chat about some DirectTV stuff that has Cern on the ropes. Chip shares his trick that he got to get out of the 2 year contract. 
The show starts off with Chip and Cern enjoying some sour beer. They have been on a big sour kick lately and are enjoying the Dark Swan from Lagunitas. 
Joe catches a roasting within the first 5 mins of the show. There are some scheduling conflicts that prevents Joe’s appearance on the podcast. His hobbies of golfing and bowling take some beating from Chip, Cern and Dana. 
Cern asked Chip what he is using for TV these days. Chip cut the cord several years ago, but has Netflix, and a few other streaming services. He also just got DirectTV NOW which is a cable steaming service. Dana uses DirectTV and has the package. Cern revealed he is paying $200/ month for the service. They have creeped up his bill up from the original package price. It now came to the point where Cern has to call into DirectTV to give em hell.
Joe texts during the podcast recording and says “I just woke up from some day drinking” it was 9pm at night. As you might expect the Chip and Cern Show took another opportunity to roast Joe. Chip, Cern and Dana recall some Joe antics and stories from Dana’s Bachelor Party Recap
Back on the DirectTV story. Dana’s bill has been getting higher and higher. Chip had to use some trickery to get out of his DirectTV contract a year early. 
Chip is getting fucked over by Comcast and their 1 TB data cap. He is going to follow up about how his talks went, but Cern and Dana gave Chip some good tips.
Joke after joke at Joe’s experience on this podcast.
Cern takes the tangent to Natty Ice. Turns into a solid homeless person story.
How do you guys get one over on Comcast, Time Warner or DirectTV? Shoot Chip a line and help him out! Let us know of Twitter (@chipandcernshow) or on Facebook
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