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Chip and Cern Show

Jan 26, 2017

Chip and Cern dive into distilling and debunking some of these “men’s sites” dating advice. Should you text after dinner? When do you invite her into your place? When to send that perfectly plump sext? Chip and Cern answer all these questions and more!
In the modern age of cell phones sexting, there is lots of do’s and don’ts here. Chip and Cern are trying to figure out what swipe right really means? Thumbs up? Chip and Cern are both hitched so you know these things work.
When should I fire off that sext? 
When should I text? What about the 3 days rule?
How to handle going out with someone whom you met through a friend or coworker?
Should you date coworkers?
Chip and Cern get derailed from some clickbait ad on the computer.
Why don’t women make the first move?
Chip and Cern break down how to spot a serial killer in the bar. What are they drinking? Wearing? How do they act? 
Do you have any dating questions you want Chip and Cern’s thoughts on? Send them in via any social media channel and we will cover them on an upcoming show!
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