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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 29, 2018

In the UK after a video conference call, a manager and his junior associate were recorded having sex post conference call. This gets Chip and Cern on the conference call pet peeves, annoyances and whatnot. Use the computer’s audio or dial in a separate line? Chip and Cern tell their stories and tales. Chip and Cern also got their first Youtube live chat person. Tune in for all this excitement and more!
Cern shares a tale of when he thought he was muted, but in fact was not muted and let loose a few mother fuckers and related curses. Then someone called Cern’s cell phone, which he answered and ID himself, to only be told you aren’t on mute. Cern has since adjusted his habits, so it will not be a problem any more. 
Chip can’t think of any conference call fuck ups, but does have one of those webcam blockers on his laptop. 
Chip and Cern chat more with the YouTube Live fellow from Southern Oregon. 
Chip shares a story about an incident at his work where someone took a call and the entire meeting heard his rather uneventful conference call.
The CNN Dad was the 100% classic example of the webcam/ conference call situation. 
The Chip and Cern Show Top Annoyances for Conferences Calls:
  1. People asking “Who just joined?
  2. When someone asks a broad stroke question and 5 people answer at the same time
  3. Getting on the call late, then interrupting the flow by announcing yourself
  4. “Im not near my computer now…”
  5. People taking calls in their car, but have their windows down or blasting AC
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