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Chip and Cern Show

Nov 2, 2017

Chip and Cern claim to start cracking down on free sponsorships plugs, so Cern doesn’t mention the brand of the 360 camera used for the filming. Chip and Cern don’t fancy themselves “nerds” but explore the idea of checking out a comic con. Cern is going to go in The Tick cosplay. 
Chip and Cern mostly want to go to do a live podcast from a comic con floor. Cern just wants to take it all in and check out what everything is all about these comic cons. Geeks and nerds have always been painted as some super geeks that have been going to these “cons” but those times have changed. 
Chip accidentally came across the San Francisco Comic Con a while ago whilst trying to go to the baseball game. It didn’t hit him that he passed 3 or 4 dudes dressed as Spiderman and a Frodo or two. 
Darth Maul, some old Star Trek folks and Sean Austin were all signing autographs in the San Francisco Comic Con. There is a whole lineup of these C, D and E list signing photos and taking pics fro $40-$100 a pop. 
Chip and Cern discuss doing Sacramento Comic Con and recording a live podcast. It would be a hour long roast sessions for sure. 
Chip was a little concerned about the amount of “all in” cosplayers caring around full guns, holsters and other weapons. 
Some of the cosplay folks really go all in with their outfits, makeup and accessories. 
Chip and Cern spitball some questions they could ask the folks walking around the Comic Con floor.
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