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Chip and Cern Show

Jan 18, 2018

Chip isn’t the only one that battles the big companies. Cern has now taken issue with his beloved Samsung. Cern’s refrigerator is freezing all of his food. His fridge was just over a year old, but his fridge was 1 year and 1 month old, so technically out of the warranty. Let the games begin!
Cern’s wife had to take the phone and play good cop whilst Cern was playing bad cop in the background. Samsung is already playing hardball because they said it was out of warranty and Cern would have to pay $100 for the service person to come out to check on the fridge. 
Cern had some communication breakdowns with the Samsung rep who couldn’t understand that the serial number was of the fridge. Cern took to the “B for Boy” reading and the poor dude couldn’t even comprehend. Then the phone service rep was confusing the fridge with the freezer which set Cern off. 
Sometimes the baseline service rep’s can’t handle basic conversation, so you need to escalate to the “manager” to get some clearer lines of communication built. 
Cern takes a sidebar to rant about AT&T. 
Back to the Samsung fridge story. The service agent came out and fixed the issue, which they claim it they had never seen before. This did fix the issue for a few months. Then the same issue came back a few months later. The issue was supposedly fixed again, but Cern’s wife wasn’t taking any chances and they bought a few fridge. 
The Cern’s already got a new fridge and moved the lemon fridge out to the garage. This new fridge is handleless which has a nice look to it. 
Chip saw that Cern sold his old fridge on Facebook Marketplace for a few hundred bucks with full disclosure of the issues. 
Cern’s new fridge has the Home Depot extended warranty on it to hopefully prevent these issues some coming up in the future. 
Tanget to smoke detectors. Cern was on the phone with his wife and he could hear the low battery beeping on the detectors and she didn’t hear it. Cern comes home with some 9V batteries to fix.  
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