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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 7, 2019

Cern is getting a new pool at his house. Cern’s backyard is currently a disaster, but all for not. Once that pool is in there will be sweet, sweet pool time. Cern breaks down the cost, details and the excitement around his new pool on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show.
Cern was very against the pool to start, but he is very much looking forward to it. Cern paints a picture with his words about his pool. With an average summer temp well over 90 degrees this pool will get a ton of use. 
Cern is not opting for the Prince guitar/penis shaped pool. 
Chip and Cern just think of ways to make the pool more dangerous by adding swings and high things to jump off of. 
Cern has to relocate his spa, but that will be done after the pool is in place. 
Cern is taking a discounted approach, so he does some of the grunt work like filling in the ditches and rolling his lawn back out. 
Cern has some great stories working with the pool sales person. Cern is gonna get himself a Yeti cooler for the side of his pool to keep his beers cool.
Cern needs to get his backyard in order before he can get it signed off by the inspector. 
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