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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 28, 2019

Spring has sprung and that means baseball season. We aren’t talking about your local professional team, but the Little League season. Cern’s 6yo son has some crazy ass practice schedule and hours and Chip and Cern discuss. 
Chip and Cern are back drinking Indian Valley Brewing Co! This time they are enjoying some Off The Rails Double IPA. Chip and Cern both agree this is dangerous because it is so tasty. 
Cern’s son who is playing in a 5/6 year old league has baseball 6 days a week. The coach is even scheduling practices on Mother’s Day which isn’t going to earn them any brownie points. This coach is also scheduling practice at 3:30pm during the week. 
Cern drops some science knowledge on about the equinox and the solstices.
Cern’s other kids who is playing in a 12-year-old and younger has games starting at 7am for a doubleheader, so first pitch would be when it is dark outside.
 Chip is really curious about what qualifications these coaches have to be calling so many practices for 6 year olds. There is also an app for the coaches to communicate with all the parents. Seems like a good idea, but not everyone will use it.
 Cern was late dropping the kid off and the coach made all the late kids run laps as punishment. Punishing a 6 year old for something that is beyond their control. Cern was out of his mind. 
 Cern hasn’t being taking his son to all the practices as a mini form of protest. 
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