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Chip and Cern Show

Dec 1, 2016

Chip and Cern are recapping their Black Friday deals and the death of single sales day that is Black Friday. Chip is looking for a Hatchimal and they want to hatch one on air. Chip asks Cern when it is ok to swear in front of kids because Chip’s daughter is getting older, so he is now wondering. All this and more on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show!
Chip and Cern are fresh off Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Both Chip and Cern consider Black Friday a holiday, but Joe and Dana had to work. Cern took some of the neighbor kids to Black Friday because they have never been. They were unimpressed by the lack of excitement. Cern took this as a learning opportunity to fill them in on “this isn’t how it used to be” which is totally true. If you missed the Black Friday tips and tricks episode give that a listen too!
Even on Small Business Saturday Target still had some of their door buster sales tvs, xBox, etc out and not sold out. This blew Chip and Cern’s mind because these deals are usually gone in less than 30 mins.
Chip was looking for a Hatchimal because they are selling for hundreds of dollars online. Cern is trying to explain what it is, so Chip and Cern go to YouTube to solve their problems. They watch video of this damn thing being hatched. The lady’s voice is horrible, but Chip and Cern are ever so entertained by this damn Furby type thing. The lady is stroking the egg and Chip is getting chubbed up. Here is the video to watch along.
Cern actually walked right by a Hatchimal, but didn’t prances. Chip and Cern vow to get one to hatch live on air.
Chip saw an Elf on the Shelf, which triggered Cern. Cern breaks into a rant about this damn elf. He recommends Chip not to get one. 
On Thanksgiving Chip and Cern both followed their advice and didn’t get too ripped up drunk. 
Chip and Cern need their no followers to get X with lambs blood on their doors. All the lamb farmers would be pissed about the genocide of lambs because people didn’t want their first borns killed. The Bible was a funny book.
Chip’s daughter is starting to babble more and he reaches out to Cern about when to start to watch the language around kids. 
Cern’s tip is he never bites his tongue, but make sure mom makes sure he gets in trouble everything is ok. Cern’s little kid is starting on snitching when Cern curses, but Cern has started making deals for no tattling on each other. 
Chip pulls some articles showing that foul language is not harmful to kids, but they need to respect adults and not curse at them. 
Chip recalls the first time he remembered cursing. It was at Sly Park school overnight trip in 6th grade. There were kids from all over the place and the older kids were cursing, so Chip started and hasn’t looked back since. 
Coming down the pike or coming down the pipe is a cool collaboration with Elemental Supply Co. You can use either pike or pipe when using the idiom. Chip just thinks turn pikes are only in New Jersey, but there is supposedly one in Davis, CA.
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