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Chip and Cern Show

May 4, 2017

Chip and Cern vowed to give the Ben Affleck’s Batman a fighting chance and watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This was done in prep for the Justice League movie that is coming out in Winter 2017. Chip and Cern actually did some homework and gave the movie a viewing. 
Chip and Cern yank the podcast right off the rails straight away with diving into the Shake It Off song by Taylor Swift, who is high on Chip’s “want to bone” list. 
Here is the tailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
After review of the trailer Chip and Cern have shit on it pretty hard in some point in the podcast history. 
On Rotten Tomatoes Batman v Superman scored 28% from the critics and 63% on the Audience Score and 6.7/10 on the IMDB ratings. 
Chip’s Headline Review: He was expecting shit and was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it.
Cern’s Headline Review: It was a pile of shit. Hated it. Really hated the director’s styling with the slow mo bull shit.
Both Chip and Cern didn’t like how the movie was portrayed as Batman fighting Superman when that wasn’t a big part of the movie. 
Chip liked the decretive aspects and the grittiness of Affleck’s Batman. Cern would rank Affleck under Christian Bale’s Batman, but not really close in comparison. 
Cern liked the Superman aspect, but again goes back to how much he hates Zack Snyder, which Chip agrees with. 
Cern did like the monster fight, but hated Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and it made Chip cringe it was so bad in some scenes. 
Chip did like the Wonder Woman addition and is looking forward to the stand alone Wonder Woman movie coming out in 2017. 
This movie was a good set up for the Justice League movie and it gave a good quick backstory to how the Justice League came about.
Superman was very much into giving the D to Lois Lane. Something about Amy Adams’ eyes is a little off to Chip. 
Chip has seen a fair amount of Zack Snyder movies which was surprising to him. Looks like DC is going all in with Zack Snyder for all the break off movies. 
Another negative of the movie was how long it was. Cern felt it was really dragging on in the beginning and there was lots of fat that could be trimmed. 
The General Zod rebirth was interesting, but there seem to be more villains they could have went with. 
Now Chip and Cern get into a little erotic fan fiction with Lois Lane and the Justice League. She is a three hole-er. Aquaman for sure gets the vagina with his tentacle penis and Chip and Cern have some 
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