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Chip and Cern Show

Jan 19, 2017

In Northern California there is a river in the sky that is getting all the news channels worked up! Chip is going to build his own ark to get passed this storm and Cern isn’t sure he can carry on. Hear some silly news clips that are over hypes only to fail to deliver, Chip and Cern’s take on the news and their “hype machine” style of “news” and more.
An atmospheric river is a narrow corridor or filament of concentrated moisture in the atmosphere. Atmospheric rivers consist of narrow bands of enhanced water vapor transport, typically along the boundaries between large areas of divergent surface air flow, including some frontal zones in association with extratropical cyclones that form over the oceans.
Basically it is raining decently and the news channels are all over it. Northern California has the reputation for being really soft about weather. When it hits 30 degrees people are losing their minds about how cold it is. This is how the local news is all about this atmospheric river. 
There was a drought, so people are really freaking out about a little rain. Chip’s wife had turned on the news and Chip was triggered by what was going on. News folk love weather cause they get to bust out their news channel branded outerwear and full anti rain outfits. 
Chip’s local news brought up the fact that a stick was floating down the river. They cut back to the station and people were commenting on how dangerous it was that the stick was coming down the river.
Cern grabbed some clips about some news channels over reporting the news. In LA the news lady has full hooded rain jacket, rain pants, and boots on. She has her hood on and said “the rain has died off” and it was not raining at all. She comments about “light puddling"
Chip and Cern review another clip from a local channel and they mention under their breathe about 1-3 inches of rain.
This is one of Chip’s favorite clips from #fakenews was a weather lady who was in a canoe and a few people walked in front of her shot and the water barely was kicked up above their ankles.
Chip and Cern take a wild tangent pondering the difference between a vibrator and a dildo. They also brought up The Cannon dildo which is as big as a football or something. 
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