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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 16, 2017

For a 4th time Chip and Cern give you their Ask Chip and Cern Show. Chip and Cern are back with another version of Ask Chip and Cern. These are questions from anyone about anything. Dating, work, life, fantasy baseball or how to shave your ball sack. 
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Here are the questions and check the episode for the answers!
  1. I’m trying to quit smoking for a few months, but nothing will take. Cold turkey, the patch, etc nothing will work.
  1.  Grandma sending hurtful emails. Grandma sends me emails making me feel guilty for not coming to Christmas and then 6 paragraphs about “what is love” and she also said she is going to withhold the next year’s Xmas gift if there is no thank you card sent to her. 
  1.  Bad break up devastated me. I came home he told me to leave and all my stuff was packed. Not much of a question here, but Chip and Cern provide commentary regardless. 
  1.  Would you ever have sex to get ahead in work? To land that big sale or a big client. 
  1.   Guys, how should I deal with being ridiculous attracted to a guy I work with? He is really faithful to his wife. I can’t put sentences together when he is around. I’m worried about looking like an idiot because I can’t put a sentence together.
  1. Do you think he lost interest because we didn’t have sex on the first date? We did some flirting at the bar and went back to his apartment and he just wanted to “hold me in his arms,” but I made it clear I’m not a sex on the 1st date type of girl. Did he lose interest because we didn’t have sex?
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