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Chip and Cern Show

Mar 1, 2018

Chip and Cern try their hand at predicting some of the folks to kick the bucket in 2018. Using the article they work their way down give a yay or nay on celebs. Billy Gram, Kirk Douglass and Betty White top the list, but Chip and Cern are looking for some deeper cuts. 
Between the old folks around 90+ year olds which, Chip considers a shoe-in, and folks with thermal diseases. Bob Barker is on the Top 20 List, as is Bob Dole, who just made a resurgence in the Chip and Cern reference list. 
Some dark horses for the 2018 Death Pool are Kim Jung Un, Harvey Winestein and Jerry Sandusky. 
Chip predicts Billy Gram, who already hit on that and he is also predicting some YouTube celeb star will be bullied so hard they will commit suicide. 
Cern predicts Jim Brown will kick the bucket this year. He also throws a vote for Jon Madden who is 81 this year. He is in Trump-shape says Chip.
Chip thinks that Paul McCartney should be the last remaining Beatle. Yoko included. 
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